How it all began

Hi, I'm Esme; the founder and artist in residence of Dark Bloom Collective. A space physically and digitally brought in to being by my love for plant life, art and the beauty of the natural world.

My art is heavily based on flora and fauna and uses many mediums. My tattoo career began in 2007, and I have won a handful of awards for my work over the years which mainly takes on colourful, botanical stylings. Having worked with some of the towns most prestigious tattoo studios up till recently, after having my son, I decided that it was time to action my long term dream and Dark Bloom Collective was born. 

Alongside tattooing I also work in preserving the natural world through art with my taxidermy and floral displays. My heart sings when creating bespoke displays combining both taxidermy and flowers based on nothing but a small idea in my head. I also work on bridal flowers, preserving them after the big day and arranging them into domes or frames, to be kept as a treasured keepsake forever. I am always open to discuss commission pieces for customers, from large taxidermy and floral creations, to small paintings and prints or tattoos. I love to create and have really enjoyed embracing all the different areas I work in over the last few years.

The Dark Bloom Collective studio, is situated in a lush green garden which is ever changing throughout the seasons. It was designed to make both the artist and client feel that they were surrounded in nature, and therefore be able to reap the many benefits nature provides us. The studio is split into two seperate environments; a private tattoo studio, and an artist's workshop where my floral, taxidermy and artwork is invented and nurtured. Both studio rooms look out through floor to ceiling windows to the glorious gardens.

If you are interested in enquiring about a project of any sort please do not hesitate to get in contact- I'd love to hear from you.



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