Beautiful bespoke designs, permanently etched on to the body

I've been tattooing for over a decade and still absolutely adore the process.

My passion for tattooing, if anything, has only grown as the years have gone by. I have found my creativity flows when I take on work that really feels right for me, and this is so important. Tattooing is just as big a part of my work today as it ever was and I'm so grateful for the career I've had in the industry so far. I've worked with some wonderful artists along the way and have such an amazing group of clients, who over the years have witnessed and embraced my work as it explored different styles and evolved  (and continues to evolve!) into my current style, which in my opinion is an illustrative design with a large influence of botanical styling. I am inspired everyday by the outdoor world and this was such an important part of the studio design too. 

The Dark Bloom Collective studio is a private and secluded, appointment only space, situated at the end of a long lush garden in Abington, Northampton. My vision was to create a green sanctuary, somewhere for my clients to come and enjoy the quiet, unwind and soak in the peace that envelopes them. Of course, at the end of this, you'll also have your new tattoo! But it's my hope that the environment I have created will help to take your focus away from solely the tattoo process.

I tend to open my diary quarterly, and take bookings via email (or just fill in the contact form!). When emailing please give as much information as possible to save time with responses. Eg. What ideas you have, the position on the body, photos of the area if its a cover up, or if there's any scarring. The ideal size, colour/blackwork. Any reference photos are useful too as well as your availability and whether you are flexible at all. Please note also, that a non refundable deposit is payable to confim your booking once a date has been discussed.

I look forward to hearing from you, and welcoming you to the studio soon.



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