Mother Nature

Mother Nature


Mother Nature is rich and strong and full of power. Her double clouds are made up of incredibly beautiful dahlias, achillea, fluffy helichrysums and fans of striking statice in shades of pinks, lilac, purples and white. She rains down her feminine power in glittering golds, pinks and purple rain, which despite the power of Mother Nature, creates the ultimate calm and tranquility she is also capable of raining over us all. 

Mother Nature is housed in a 13 x 13 inch frame and is a mixed media piece created on heavy weight natural cotton canvas with raw edges and fixed on to a soft raspberry cotton background. 

  • Care info

    Dried flowers can lose their colour as they age. As they are protected by glass they have the potential for an incredibly long lifespan. Please keep your artwork away from direct sunlight and any humid areas to aid this. 

    It can be expected to disturb tiny fragments of the dried flowers when in transit although the piece will be packaged sufficiently to protect it.