Golden Dreams

Golden Dreams


Let the fluffy helichrysums, striking rudbeckia and poised golden achillea- otherwise known as ' Cloth of Gold', take you to place a golden dreams.

Maybe it's the sun beaming in through an open window and warming your skin, or perhaps it's the warm dusk evening as the moon starts to show her face, and that calming energy washes over you. 


A mixed media piece on a natural heavyweight cotton canvas in a frame  measuring 13 x 13 inches. 

  • Care info

    Dried flowers can lose their colour as they age. As they are protected by glass they have the potential for an incredibly long lifespan. Please keep your artwork away from direct sunlight and any humid areas to aid this. 

    It can be expected to disturb tiny fragments of the dried flowers when in transit although the piece will be packaged sufficiently to protect it.