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The new studio.

My studio was officially registered with environmental health this week, declaring it safe to carry out tattooing on the premises. I cannot explain how exciting this feels.

When I bought my house over 4 years ago, my main draw to it was the giant garden. Not only was it fully established and clearly loved by somebody for a long time, it was pretty huge and screamed 'STUDIO SPACE' at me. In hindsight this possibly rose tinted the rest of the place and the huge list of jobs needed to make it livable..but it was the right decision and while a lot of the house remains on the 'to do' list, I now have a magical escape.

As usual, everything took longer and cost more than expected. We began the build before Christmas 2019. The majority of actual building work was complete in about 4-5 months, but we had some delays later on with various boring things that put a hault to actually sharing it and working in there with clients. It was actually usable by this point... massively frustrating.

We took on the build ourselves, I was adament we would not be doing this to... It was stressful at points, naturally not everything goes to plan, things take longer, waiting on tradesmen for their time, it was a huge process and winter and the cold, short days seem to take much more energy and motivation to actually get going but we got there, all whilst navigating the world that is a newborn baby, and looking back I'm so pleased I took the leap of faith to just go for it, you can never know exactly how things will turn out, you have to just begin.

The Garden.

After walking through The Glasshouse, which is more magical as the sun joins us in the Summer months, you walk the 50m stretch of garden space. In the Spring, we are surrounded by hundreds of tulips and alliums, followed by a showy display of peonies (absolute fave), and eventually at the height of Summer, the huge variety of roses, wallflowers, rudbeckia, achillea (another fave) and fruit trees provide us with copius amounts of beauty and scents, it's truly divine. As Autumn arrives, and the leaves fall, the garden prepares for a well deserved rest to replenish for Spring, but the hydrangeas and sedum stay colourful as the days get shorter and darker, until we're left with the fernery and bare trees over the winter. Theres something about those days of glorious winter sunshine warming your face, while the grass feels crunchy and frost glitters on anything it touches though.

Inside the studio.

Once you're inside, you will find yourself in the tattoo studio, a large open room with full height windows and doors, and a rooflight to allow for maximum natural light. Various tattoo supplies and kitchen facilities along with the drawing board where all the tattoo prep happens. The walls are decorated with botanical prints and artworks by artists who inspire me, books and taxidermy and plants, always plants, surround us while you visit for your tattoo appointment. My hope was to create a tranquil and serene sanctuary nestled amongst nature. I find a green environment calming and relaxing and I hope a bit of that relays to you during your appointment, I honestly can't wait to share it with you all.

The Flower room.

The studio is divided with a door into a seperate space dedicated to all my other creations, mainly dried flowers and taxidermy. The latest part of my venture, but also, now a solid part of my work. It doesn't seem that long ago I decided to start drying flowers, but at the same time, I feel like this work has been swirling around my mind forever. Taxidermy is a hugely skilled craft, and something I feel like a total amateur in still. Every animal I work on, I learn, and it's a good reminder to keep going. This space is a wall full of dried flowers, like a pic 'n' mix, but flowers! Vases and vessels line the shelves, collections of oddities and wire and instruments fill the racks, its slightly more chaotic in here, and mid project, it can be VERY chaotic!

I hope you enjoyed visualising my space, I'm so looking forward to welcoming you in to experience it for yourselves. x

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