Beautiful Rain

The ‘Beautiful Rain’ collection was inspired by an ever growing appreciation of the natural world that surrounds us, the elements that rule us and the necessity to look for and find beauty in the toughest of times and places often so easily overlooked. 

The collection is home to 14 original mixed media pieces of artwork made up of a dreamy watercolour background, three dimensional, real dried flowers and machine embroidered details, bringing together a luxurious combination of delicious textures, colours and energy. 


The pieces are painted onto natural cotton, with raw edges. The clouds of flowers are filled with dried helichrysums, statice, chrysanthemums, chamomile, dahlias, achilllea, gypsophila and wild grasses, all of which have been grown in my garden or sustainably foraged locally, carefully dried in my garden studio and delicately hand sewn into each individual piece. 

The flowers were chosen for their subtle scents, intricate silhouettes and to create a feast for your eyes with their gentle yet striking colour blends and contrasts, shapes and textures. I invite you to immerse yourself into them and therefore be transported into nature itself. 

The inclusion of stitch work is a fairly new concept in my work, yet feels as though my core was just waiting patiently to encounter this incredibly diverse medium. I was generously gifted a beloved sewing machine, a gesture which has truly humbled me, and I feel sure it has provided my imagination and work with some extra magic.


I have loved watching the needle dance the thread across the fabric, weaving delicate strands of metallic glory in and out of the grain of the fabric. I love the imperfection of the thread work and the spacing, the occasional missed stitch or pulled thread, mimicking natures perfectly imperfect being herself.

The iridescence of the golds and silver threads against the rich yet soft palette of background nightscapes, remind me of other worldly sunsets, sunrises and night skies scattered with gentle stars and the moon in all her glory, gently directing and dictating our moods and energies even if we are not aware of it. 

All the pieces are housed in off white wooden frames, with a glass pane to protect them. They are hinged frames with a magnetic closure, allowing the admirer to open them up and peer more closely if and when they feel the need. For the rest of the time, they can be viewed longingly through the glass as if looking into another secret world. 


I wanted to contrast the sorrow that rainfall can bring us so easily, with the pure joy that it brings our beautiful Earth, seeing flowers bloom and blossom almost right before our eyes. The pure magic that surrounds us, and the reminder that all of Mother Natures elements have their place and are necessary for us to thrive. 

I hope this collection brings you the pure and utter joy it has brought me from the process of creating it; that a certain piece speaks to you in a personal and consuming way and transports you to a temporary dream. 

They have been created with so much passion and excitement, every step of the way and I love the thought of them bringing renewed and grounding energy to their new owners, a small piece of gratitude and admiration to the incredible world we live in and a reminder that there is always beauty to be found in any situation, as long as you look for it.  


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