Painting & mixed media work

When I paint, it is generally with watercolour, but I adore the addition of detailing with coloured pencils and often gouache. The softness of the watercolour layers contrasted with the rich detail that the finishing layer of pencils can create is beautiful. I’m drawn to creating large scale paintings but also fascinated by the intimacy a smaller collection can create.


Discovering my love for textiles within my work has added a huge extra dimension to it. I love the variety and vast amount of options available, the textures and colours, it has led to endless ideas and future ventures. 
Pairing dried flowers with textiles, whether that is machine embroidery, hand stitching or weaving felt like a process that was waiting for me, and the endless results and combinations are truly harmonious and breathtaking. 


I adore the process of embroidering over the top of a painted backgrounds and experiment on many different materials for different effects. Watching the needle grace its way across the delicate under layer is hypnotic and seeing the texture literally appear instantly before your eyes, magical.


As with the entirety of my work, the concepts always revolve around nature and botanicals, the beauty that is all around us. When working with watercolour I find I am also very drawn to explore emotional aspects of motherhood and femininity.