The Tattoo Studio

The Dark Bloom studio was built in 2019 and is a beautifully calming oasis. The cedar clad building hosts two separate spaces, one specifically for my tattoo clients. 

Your walk to the studio will be amongst the divinely scented lilac and cheerful tulips in Spring, the lavender, roses and peonies in Summer, the enticing dahlias and various fruit trees in Autumn and the ever warming fernery in Winter, an evolving garden planned to bring joy and inspiration to the wanderer whatever the season, and as you get comfortable for your session(s) it’s my hope that these scents, views and maybe the gentle summer breeze will take you to a place of pure bliss.


Like with the other areas of my work, I hugely favour floral and nature based subjects when tattooing. My work is a mixture of illustrative styling and decorative and sometimes folksy elements within a piece. I adore colour, but enjoy working ornamentally with a simpler blackwork palette also. There is a strong theme of femininity throughout my portfolio. 

I carefully select the projects which I feel I can both enjoy and execute to the highest standards, using the skills I’ve learnt and my ever evolving style and inspirations. 


If you are interested in visiting the studio for a tattoo, I’d love to hear from you. Please include as many details as possible in your contact form so we can discuss your ideas.